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Friday, July 26, 2013

Furniture Projects- Annie Sloan Style

Since we will be in our new house in a few months, I've been working on revamping some furniture. I found an awesome Buffet at a used furniture store for 50 bucks. Solid wood, yes $50. Love! I wanted to post about using Annie Sloan paint. I was intimidated at first because it sounded WAY to good to be true. But it's not! It was actually fun painting this furniture because I didn't pick up a sander and I didn't have to prime it! The wood is really dark so I ended up with 2 full coats. The top I did 4 coats, because it had some oil spots that I didn't see until I started to paint.

Cost Breakdown:
Furniture Piece: $50
Duck Egg Blue 1 quart $36 ( I think this is right)
Paintbrush $24 (maybe a little more? But I'm using on multiple projects so it's not fair to include the full price!)
Quart of Clear Wax by Annie Sloan (Again, I'm using it for more projects so unfair to count the full price) But I think it was around ?$25

So adjusted cost of this awesome Buffet is around $99.00!


I cleaned it completely and it was very shiny

First coat of Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue

I painted the entire piece in a circular motion so it looks slightly aged

Still Drying, but you can see the circular pattern/look
Second Coat
During...I love the hardware! I'm going to keep it bronze
I did a coat of wax, and I'm glad I got that finished. I've read that it takes a year for the wax to finish curing, so by the time it's in the house it should be fully cured.
The Buffet isn't 100% completed because it's so huge (about 6 feet long!) that I can't put the doors on until we move into the new house. There is also a small piece on the very bottom that you can't really see, but I can't paint it until I have it set up. I put one door on so that I can see what it will eventually look like :) and...it's amazing. When we move it to it's 'home' I will paint the interior as well.
I've also painted a rocking chair, a headboard and 1/2 of Addi's bedroom suite. I'll get to posting pics when I get closer :)
SO , in a nutshell. Buy Annie Sloan Paint and you will not be disappointed!
Updated After picture:



  1. Oh I gotta get some of this paint! I have about 10 things to do already. This buffet is gonna be great!

    1. You will love the paint ! If you do a project make sure to blog it ! I love seeing the before and after