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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Where did Summer go? Refresher

Wow, Summer flew by. I'm surprised that I'm saying that though because there were many days I felt that time was dragging (see our house build blog for more details ;) However, today we went and met Lanie's 1st grade teacher, waiiiiiiiiiit a second, 1st grade? *sobbing*
She loved her new school and it turns out her teacher knew Justin from when he was little. She'll fit right in.

I start Spanish 2 next week and please pray for me, I have a really bad attitude towards learning this language and I need to make an 'A' in this class, so please, please pray.

We had a wonderful vacation to Gulf Breeze FL last week and I will be making a separate post for that, too much goodness for this one. I've been enjoying reading blogs, lately, I've been making an effort to organize my blogger profile so that I can track what everyone is up to, and I like it. I feel like I have all these internet friends from a lot of different places.

Ok , sorry for the random post but just wanted to say HI everyone and my vacation post will be up soon.

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