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Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Baby Is One

I'm still in shock that time has flown by. Addison is such a good baby. She is so sweet and is changing so much. Her looks are opposite of Lanie's...she had lots of dark brown thick hair. Lanie didn't have hair until she was 2! Addison isn't walking yet, Lanie was walking before her 1st birthday. Addison is just now eating table food. I nursed Addison for a full year, I am so proud! She's only been really sick once or twice...I think the nursing had a big part in that. She didn't have any baby food until 6 months and only a few bottles of formula (the free samples I received) It's amazing how much cheaper it is to breast feed and the bond you develop.

Oh, yeah. Addison also has the "yellow nose sydrome" , Lanie never had that...It's caused quite a ruckus among people. Hopefully she will outgrow it very soon :) If you are wondering, it's from all the yellow/orange/red baby food she eats. Her poor nose! (her feet and hands also have a jaundice look)

So I am normally on top of party planning, and if you read my previous post you saw I hadn't even started. Well I pulled it together and I am pleased with the final outcome of my baby's first party. I'm glad I went with simple decor. I was debating on doing lots of more owl touches, but it just didn't happen. My walls are very neutral and I liked the woodsy feel of the bare table. I added a few paper lanterns that I had used from Lanie's party and just a few streamers. Sometimes simple is perfect!

Darrell helped do alot of the last minutes kitchen reno's. He laid the base molding and quarter round, caulked it and started painting it. He also cut down the pantry door to fit with the new tile, finally I have a pantry door again!!! I am so excited, hey it's the little things. There are now only a few things left and the renovtion is compete. (until we start a new project of course) A new dishwasher is next on the list!

Lanie helped me alot this year and loved making the brownie pops...They were so rich but pretty easy to make, and very pretty to look at.

Addison's cake turned out pretty cute (it's an owl btw, NOT a bear ;) )

Addison ate almost her entire smash cake...by the end of it she was breathing very very slowly and her tiny tummy was pooching out! We had to take her ,while still sitting in the highchair, to the bath tub.

She got lots of great goodies!

Thank you everyone who came, we love you all :) 

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