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Saturday, September 3, 2011

School & Kids Books

Sometimes I wonder how boring my blog gets. I'm sure a lot of you don't care to know about this subject, but maybe someone does out there! I am still so excited about school! I am taking Sociology online and I love logging in and checking everything out. We have to post once weekly on the 'message board', it's totally up my alley. I'm a forum-nerd ANYWAYS, now I "have" to do it! My first test has to be done by tonight and I'm so nervous!

On another note, Amazon has some really great book deals right now! They have a 4-for-3 promo going on and if you have prime, they all have free 2 day shipping.


This book is so pretty, it's watercolor style but it's a big book and great quality.

You really need to watch the books, this one is now up to $8.45, but I got it for $3.47 on Tuesday (delivered Thursday!) This is a big book too and very nice!

Lanie is in love with Veggie Tales - $4.99

Just thought I'd give you an idea of a good way to search..

Choose books, then children's books, choose prime eligible (free shipping)...From there it doesn't always work to choose lowest price to highest so you just have to sift through. But when you find deals like books for 1.00-5.00 and free shipping it is worth it!

Also, prime is good for everything on the site so if you want a free prime membership you can sign up under "amazon mom" and you get it free for 3 months, for each 25.00 you spend you can extend it 1 months (up to a year.) Anything like diapers and household items also get an additional 15% off and another 15% off if you do the subscribe and save, you can find awesome deals. Even on laundry detergent, AND it's delivered to your doorsteps!

 I now have student prime which is the same benefits but it's 6 months free, you have to have an .edu email address.

Once your amazon mom membership is up you can just use a different email and re-sign up. It's GREAT for Christmas - time. Also, if you add stuff in your cart , each time you log in it will tell you whether the price went up or down.

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