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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Fresh Start

Life is busy, I feel like my life never slows down. Surely, other people feel the same way? I'm not sure. My last blog started as a description of Cloth Diapering, which by the way I'm still using my cloth diapers, love them! But I hit a wall, I started back to school, we bought property, Lanie started school....

See where I'm going with this? I felt it was appropriate to cut all ties and start fresh. To start neutral with something that can be flexible with my life. I'm a list person...calendar person. I have lists for everything: Target (yes it has it's own category), Grocery, Christmas, Bills, Projected Projects, Work, School, .........

My new blog is called :


Because no matter what's happening, it's on my list and it must be crossed off...


  1. Fun! I'll add this to my blog roll and remove the other one. I'm totally a list girl too. One day I plan on redesigning my blog and changing up the name and on and on and on, but like you, my life it cra-zee!

  2. Love this idea, Britni! Sometimes it takes a bit to find your niche with blogging. I know it took me awhile! I'm so excited to read about your life on here. :) Thanks for writing!