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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

time with the girls

I love having the same day off as Justin. Normally we just relax at home but we decided to go eat sushi (turned out just eating hibachi) and took the girls to a park in the neighborhood I grew up in. It was so great to get outside. I was hoping for a little cooler weather, but it was nice anyways.

Before we left, this is what happened:
1/2 a gallon of milk---*tear* It even made it's way all the way over to the sink/dishwasher!

Lanie was so hot so we let her enjoy some sprinkler time

Lanie has been begging to pick some roses off of our rose bushes in the front yard, so I let her and she trimmed off the leaves and arranged them, how sweet and smart is she! I think she even shaved off some of the thorns, haha.

My Roses

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