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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Sunday

Sunday started out with a great church service and the girls loved "super church" and came home with a bag of candy each. We headed to Lowes with my IPhone "notes list" and I was on a mission! An hour later we were in the return line at Lowes because Addy decided to put 5 packs of light bulbs in our buggy and Justin and I thought that one of us needed them. No wonder we spent an extra unplanned $65.00. The employee processing the return thought it was hilarious. 
 Lanie decided she wanted to be my little helper and we put Addy down for her nap. Lanie cleared the vanity for me and started to get distracted so I asked her if she could "stick it out" for me...she said sure...and 5 minutes later started talking about her room being messy and asked if I'd "stick it out" with her. Smart girl, Lanie.
8 hours later we had a new and improved vanity:
Adding Before, Only picture I had :( To show the coloring...
I love when you find the perfect color for something, This color is Valspar "Ebony Field" and is THE perfect shade of dark brown/black/grey. I can picture this on the wall above a 6-7 ft. white wainscoting in my new house :) Something like this...yes...
And a new and {70% off} lamp in our breakfast area:

I got a late start on my pinterest project because it rained Saturday night, It's almost done and I will be posting it soon :)

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