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Friday, October 5, 2012

Pinterest Project - Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Who doesn't love pinterest?
Who doesn't love pallet wood?
Combine the two and you will find something like this:
That inspires someone (me) to do this...
 This was so easy to make! The hardest part was laying out the stencils
What you need:
A frame to nail the wood to. I used an old Canvas frame that I used for my Melted Crayon Art (tutorial to come soon for that as well)
Pallet Wood. We got ours from Sonny's
Polyurethane (optional)
1.) Remove the pallet wood from frame and nail the pallet wood on your frame in whatever pattern you like. I liked the horizontal streamlined look for this one.
2.) Decide what you want to paint on the pallet, I used stencils and laid out my phrase.

3.) Paint in the stencils and coat with a layer of the polyurethane paint to keep the wood sealed.

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  1. You did a great job! Now, I just need to get my pallet projects done.