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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Crafting!

I love Christmas time and super cute crafts. I saw this on Pinterest and decided it was perfect for our dining room table!
Here is the pinterest link..and I will add my twists below..

What you need:

  • Different sized trees-I bought a pack from Michaels for $8.80
  • Tape or Glue Dots or Sticky Velcro
  • Mason Jars or jars with screw on lid
  • Fake Snow
  • A frame (Michaels had these laser cut frames)
  • Paint color of choice

Avg Cost for the project is between $15-$20 depending on sales and if you use coupons ;)
1. Paint your frame desired color and let dry
2. I had 1 set of sticky velcro and for the rest I used rolled up duct tape...whatever works, right?

3. Secure the tree to the inside lid of the jar you are using...the tape holds it fine. The trees aren't that heavy!
4. Fill the mason jar about 1/2 inch with the fake snow.
5. Screw on the lid and voila...your cute new snowglobes!

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