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Friday, November 9, 2012

Our First Showing

If you know me, you know I'm super OCD and stressful about things like...being judged ;) So when we were getting our house ready to list I really tried to pull myself out of the process and envision what potential buyers would want. Those weeks were stressful! Painting and sanding and just touching things up were time consuming. It felt SO GOOD to list the house.

Then I got dissapointed when I didn't have an immediate showing! I would get phone calls from random numbers that I hoped were agents and they were just appointment reminders...like from the dentist. So I stopped getting my hopes up and one night didn't sweep the floor and I didn't put every single dish that was dirty in the dishwasher. Sure enough, that next day I got a call!

I didn't have a heart attack...but almost. Justin and I flew home to tidy things up. 1 hour later I was shaking and all worked up, back to where I was before. That showing was yesterday and I'm on this 'high' of when is it going to happen again!? This whole situation is very weird for me...Having strangers come in and judge my house. Hopefully I can get used to it?

Those who have sold or who are selling, can you relate??

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