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Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 2 of Ellie + Plans for December!

This morning we found Ellie in the Christmas Tree Snow globes we made the other night!
We figured that she must really be missing the North Pole! She also brought back little trees and got snow everywhere!


On another note, I'm done with school for this semester. It feels great to have nothing to study for! I'm so excited to spend these next 5 weeks with my family. I'm thankful for 2 more "A's" that go on my nursing school application too. I made new friends in my class and they will be in my class next semester too! It's hard to beleive that i've been back in school for over a year now. Honestly, it's flying by which is scary. It's also scary lanie is almost half way done with K-5. I wish I could keep her smaller for longer, but that's not happening. The more I think about time flying by, the faster is goes. So, here is to a December full of crafts, family time and traveling.
I'm trying to document on this blog as much as I can this month, so you'll probably be seeing posts more often!

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