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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well, this is my first post of 2012! 

It has been a little over a year since I started blogging, I can't believe it! It's neat to look back now at the pictures and compare :) I will probably do A LOT of compare posts!

With Justin working up in Concord and school starting back, I just haven't had time to blog :( I've kept up with other blogs though and they are still inspiring! So what's new? Well...Justin leaves @ 5:30 a.m. every morning in order to go to the gym before he leaves for Concord. Tj and Justin opened up a new Sonny's location! It's very exciting, yet very tiring. I'm proud of them and I know they are having fun! 

School started a few weeks back and I'm taking Biology. There is so much information my brain is going to explode, lol. It is neat though b/c I do remember some of these things from high school. I'm also taking Developmental Psych, and it's very interesting. 

Work has been crazy, it's so different not having Justin & Tj around...I've worked with Justin for the last 7 years or so, I'm definitely having withdrawals from seeing him :( 


To catch up from my Bathroom Reno..This was before, *GAG* what what I thinking?

First I painted the walls...

Then removed the old light fixture. I installed my first wall box
 (is that what it's called? ha!) 

I also removed the mini blinds and hung faux wood blinds to match the rest of the house
My plans are still to frame the mirror (when I have time ;) )

Love those distressed frames to the left? Luckily, about a year ago I spray painted them white, then I forgot about them and they rusted and peeled up. PERFECT!
 I bleached them to get the rust off and wiped them down...

If you haven't figured out by now, I go through obsessive phases. Matilda Jane ring a bell? Well, I've discovered Organic Bloom Frames. They started as a small company (still are small) but they are so very popular now. They make these amazing frames in tons of different shapes and colors! Thanks to many of you I won an 8x8 frame from them :) (THANKS AGAIN!) Well, I've ordered several and I am seriously in LOVE! See the frames in this picture? Those are some of them :) 

The 2 on the side are Mary Anne 5x7's simply in Black.
The one in the middle is a June 8x10 in Morning Grey, You can tell it has a blue hint.
I'm not sure what pictures I'll put in these...My original idea was to make prints of white brick, I still may do that...

What's Left:
  • As I mentioned before, frame the mirror with white molding
  • Fix the Tile around the bath & add trim
  • Paint cabinetry
  • Hang shelving
  • Do Pinterest ideas for decor

Ok, Until Next Time :) 
Thanks for reading!

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