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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bouncing Back!

Being sick is horrible! I was sick Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. What that means is my house became a disaster area. And again I got the overwhelming desire to clean out. So I did...Again.

Seriously, What's my problem!

I have a vision of how I want my house to look and I can NOT get it there. I just want crisp, bright and simple. I feel like there is always a pile of junk somewhere. Anyone with me?
When I go on these binges I start finding really awesome house decor and load up on it, typically for a good deal, because if it's not a good deal...well, it's just not as satisfying!

Hubby & I went to 2 stores that we've never gone into before. Ollies & Tuesday Mornings. Ok, I have been in Tuesday Mornings but it was out of state I think.

Deals, Deals, Deals!

Ollies is a discount store, I'm not quite sure if it's an Insurance resell or just over stock things. But we picked up some swiffer cleaner, a cup for Addy, a new skillet, a book for Lanie, some oatmeal and something else for under $35.00. Then Tuesday Mornings. My new favorite stop!

We found these 4 totally awesome ... things. hehe.
They are a sweet mixture between a shadow box and a picture.
On clearance from $45.99 to $9.99/pc

They are pretty big, about 14"x14" and are about 2.5" deep, all wood. They are a little rustic looking, I think they will look great against a solid tan wall. Oh, I can't wait! Now to decide what to take down...

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