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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Vacation posts are always so difficult for me. I think that it is because there is so much information and so many pictures that It's hard to figure out what to say and post. I'm going to split our vacation into 2 posts so they aren't so lengthy! We had such a great time in Chicago. I try to go once a year and the perfect time to go is Fall. It's not too cold but it's chilly so you able to pull your 'winter' clothes out and enjoy them sooner than in South Carolina. We had a packed schedule! We ended up leaving Wednesday night because of the flight schedules. We use my Aunt's companion passes and that means we are on standby. The flight on Thursday were all booked and we had little choice but to leave Wednesday when there were available seats. An extra day in Chicago, okay by me! My sister and her baby Kipton and Lanie and I had a BLAST. Here are some highlights from our trip!

Our first stop was the Museum of Science & Industry. I came here about 10 years ago and had "Breakfast with the Dinosaurs" I still remember the museum and how much fun I had. I also remember the baby section...they have a life-like baby through all stages of pregnancy so you can see how it develops. Since I'm super into pregnancy and pregnancy health and all things having to do with babies, I'm not surprised I remember it. Lanie also loved this section and had so many questions!
The place is huge, you really need 2-3 full days to appreciate the museum. Lanie loved seeing all the displays! 

We toured this Smart Home

The toddler area had a cute reading 'loft'

A huge rock climbing wall about the stock market

Can't remember exactly what this was, but awesome falling mist

Watching chickens hatch- so cool!

This tells your how old your organs and cells are in your body and when the last time
 they regenerated, very neat!

Let's not forget the food...we went to some awesome places, BUT the 2 most worth noting are Giordano's and Sprinkles!!!

Lanie playing with her new AG stuff @ Giordano's

The Lego store is in the Water Tower, it is so neat. There is a huge place where the kids can go and play with Lego's (all day if you want!) and then of course, tons of Lego kits to buy

Woody- Made COMPLETELY of Lego's!

Ok, I'll make Post 2 shortly :) 

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