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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Carving


Well, I will never ever ever forget Lanie's first pumpkin carving memories. It was hysterical. She went through a stage where she was terrified of anything orange...the fire, a Nerf ball and unfortunately a pumpkin. 

Now don't get me wrong, she loved the idea of a pumpkin and was completely fine until:

#1 We showed her the guts:
Lanie's Second Halloween 1 year old

#2 We lit the candle:
Lanie's Third Halloween 2 years old

Totally off topic, but WOW look at how different our kitchen is!!

#3  She was fine this year (from what I can remember and documented by pictures)
Lanie's Third Halloween 3 years old

#4 And We're Back
Lanie's Fourth Halloween and Addison's Second
Lanie-4 years and Addison -1 year

Addison LOVED it!!

Look at this comparison:

I love posting about the changes in my babies, it helps me remember what they used to be like. It is so hard to forget those baby stages. God has blessed up with 2 beautiful baby girls who are very different. I'm loving every minutes of each of their lives.

Little miss brave girl
I love her sweet cheese!

Our cool pumpkin!

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